Creative Urban Methods


Gathering and Mapping Relics from ‘Zero-Waste’ Futures

A workshop by  Corelia Baibarac-Duignan and Tamalone van den Eijnden What if a ‘zero-waste’, circular future is here, now? What can we find and learn by experiencing what is around us, and allowing our imagination to be open to new possibilities? In this walk-shop, we will become explorers. Instead of Marco-Polo’s ship, we will use our feet…

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Exploring Presence

Utrecht University, Lustrum 2021 Exercise 6: Nothing happens here Introduction: walking the borders of the research area The city of Utrecht is both a city of the past and the future. Being one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands, Utrecht and its architecture remind us daily of earlier times. At the same time Utrecht…

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Event: Open City Initiative Seminar What is an open city? What makes a city open? When do we experience a city as open?  How we answer these questions not only depends on how we define openness, but also on our personal experiences of and in the city and neighbourhood that we live in, especially in…

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Exploring Present Futures

Event: Onderwijsparade 2021 “Space is to design what movement is to dance or sound is to music. Like movement space is something that we use every day in all our activities … walking down the street, opening a door, laying down, sitting up etc. Our task (…) is to first become consciously aware of space…

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