Creative Urban Methods


12 October 2021
13:00 - 16:00

Gathering and Mapping Relics from ‘Zero-Waste’ Futures

A workshop by  Corelia Baibarac-Duignan and Tamalone van den Eijnden

What if a ‘zero-waste’, circular future is here, now? What can we find and learn by experiencing what is around us, and allowing our imagination to be open to new possibilities? In this walk-shop, we will become explorers. Instead of Marco-Polo’s ship, we will use our feet and imagination to explore the landscape and practices around het Werkspoorkwartier, following the theme of ‘waste’ in its multiple forms and meanings. We will look for what we can and cannot see, for what we feel and what we dream, while keeping in mind that one’s waste could always be another’s value. The data that we will gather in our walk will thus not only be a means for mapping the present but will also offer material glimpses of possible or emerging futures. Coming back to our workshop location, we will share our ‘relics from the future’ – the data gathered – and discuss together different starting points and potential pathways towards zero-waste urban futures. 

Needed: comfortable shoes good for walking, a charged phone, a bottle of water, umbrella, or suitable clothes for rain (check the weather forecast in advance!)